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Medical Alarm Services

We are confident that our medical alarms and services are of the highest quality. Below are just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest. For a more detailed look at how we work please see our How we work page.

Privately- and Kiwi-owned

Kiwi Concern are privately- and proudly Kiwi-owned. This is a very important ingredient of our business and drives what and how we do things. We feel a deep loyalty to the people of New Zealand, particularly the elderly of this beautiful country. We have been in existence since 2003 and have grown rapidly, because we place such an emphasis on old-worldly values, genuine concern for our customers, and that Kiwi can-do attitude.

Work and Income New Zealand accreditation

Kiwi Concern is an authorised representative for ADT Security and provides medical alarms monitored by ADT NevaAlone.  ADT is one of a handful of companies accredited by the Ministry of Social Development to promote, supply and service government-funded medical alarms in New Zealand. The vast majority of our customers have their medical alarm and monitoring fully subsidised by Work and Income New Zealand. Anyone with a doctor's written recommendation can apply for this subsidy.An application for this government funding is a simple process, so please call us toll-free for information.   

24/7 monitoring

Your ADT NevaAlone medical alarm affords you 24/7 monitoring, giving you complete peace of mind, day or night. Our alarm monitoring team is always on-line and will respond to your medical alarm call immediately. Our monitoring team can dispatch any assistance you may need - an ambulance, the police, or family member or neighbour.

Free ambulance

In the event that you require ambulance assistance, the monitoring centre will immediately dispatch an ambulance to where you are. The cost for the dispatch of the ambulance is borne by ADT Security, taking any further anxiety out of the event for you. Simply send us your ambulance bill and we'll take care of it for you. 

Free installation

When you sign up for an ADT NevaAlone medical alarm, one of our agents will set-up the alarm unit in your home as you like or need it for no additional charge. Our agents are trained in all aspects of installation, and will survey your home, select the best location for your medical alarm, test the range of the pendant around your section, and, of course, explain how the alarm works.

Free alarm maintenance

Should you ever need us to take a look at your alarm unit or provide technical assistance, our agents in your area will do so at no charge to you. We understand the great value our customers place on their medical alarm, and do all we can to ensure you are least inconvenienced should your alarm need any atttention.

ADT Customer Care line - 0800 111 238

The ADT NevaAlone staff are specifically available 24/7 to handle your calls any time of the day or night.