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How we work

Getting your own Kiwi Concern Medical Alarm is quick and simple. Joining is Easy. Just call Free phone 0800 111 203 and we'll be happy to answer your questions and/or arrange for one of our consultants to visit you at a time that's convenient for you.

Most of our clients have their medical alarms fully subsidised by Work and Income. The application process for this subsidy is very simple, and we can assist you with all that's required and who to be in contact with.

If you are interested in getting a Kiwi Concern medical alarm, the process looks as follows:

  1. Contact us by email, phone or via our website - see here
  2. We will schedule to either send you more information or arrange to have one of our consultants in your area visit you and explain things in person
  3. If you are paying privately, we will complete all the paperwork and have an alarm installed for you same day.
  4. If you are applying for Work and Income funding, you will first need to schedule an appointment to see your GP or a medical practitioner
  5. Your GP or medical practitioner will then assess your need for a medical alarm.
  6. With your GP's approval, you then submit an application to Work and Income for funding for the medical alarm. Depending on your circumstances, Work and Income will then approve or decline your aplication for funding. If approved, we will install your new medical alarm for you.

As always, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free on 0800 111 203 to discuss your Kiwi Concern medical alarm options. 

You can also contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009, and seniors can use 0800 552 002 for assistance.