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Medical Alarm Monitoring

Kiwi Concern is an authorised representative for ADT Security. The ADT monitoring service for medical alarms (central station) is a call center facility that is staffed by trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These operators are available at all times to receive calls from your medical alarm system.

The ADT monitoring service centre has extremely robust internal backup systems to ensure the systems are "up" at all times, including a separate back-up facility.

How does it work?

  1. In case of emergency, for example, after a fall or a suddenly appearing ailment, the client can set off a call for help by a simple press of the alert button on his neck or wrist pendant, without needing to reach the telephone. Our medical alarms are set up so that any calls or connections in progress are terminated and a call for help can be initiated by the medical alarm over the telephone line.
  2. An alert arrives immediately in the monitoring centre control room and the data of the affected person (address, medical condition, family contacts, etc.) is displayed on the computer. 
  3. The monitoring centre operator calls the premises within seconds. Through the microphone/speaker unit in the medcial alarm, the operator can speak with the client in order to clarify the type and severity of the emergency and discuss further measures. The client can speak to the operator through the medical alarm. If ever we cannot get hold of the client, we immediately dispatch an ambulance. 
  4. If necessary, emergency services are dispatched. In these emergency cases, we notify any family or friends that are marked as shown on the client's profile. 
  5. The monitoring centre relays all pertinent information to the emergency service en-route, like the status of the client, any known medical conditions or allergies, the location of a spare key for entrance to the home, and any other relevant detail.