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ERICA KiwiConcern RS 23 May 12

ERICA Voice Alarm

ERICA is the latest Personal Medical Alarm System designed and built by Chiptech, a local, Christchurch-based company, to help people remain independent and safe in their home with the knowledge that help is only a button push away. ERICA is an affordable, high functionality solution.Enables two-way speech between the call centre and home when an emergency activation has been sent.

EVE 3G Data


This is the medical alarm solution for those that do not have a telephone landline. The new EVE provides a full time GPRS (cellular) pathway for client to communicate in the absence of a land line. Ideal for “Naked phone line” households, broadband phones, new fibre-optic cabling and anywhere you need easy and reliable dialler monitoring via the cellular network.


PEARL pendant

We consider the PEARL pendant to be the best and most attractive medical alarm pendant on the market at present. The PEARL can be worn on a neck chain, on a wrist band, on a belt buckle, or even mounted on the wall. The stylish lightweight design and the red illumination around the outer edge make Pearl an appealing personal help button. PEARL is completely waterproof, which means it can be safely worn in the bath or shower.



This lockbox allows you leave your house key in a combination-locked box somewhere safe on the outside of the house. In the event that an emergency leaves you unable to open the door for the ambulance staff, the monitoring company will notify the ambulance of the location and code for the lockbox, to allow them to get to you unhindered.