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Before getting a Kiwi Concern Medical Alarm I thought that I wouldn't get one, but I didn't realize the amount of security it would give me. Now I wouldn't do without it. I wear it everywhere, and I just want to thank you so much.

Mrs. Suena Bates


When Ngaire met Kiwi Concern representatives in Hamilton she was with one of her nieces.  "I don't need a personal alarm" she said but her niece quickly chimed in " yes, you do - this would be great for you". Ngaire agreed and now feels much more secure when her granddaughter who lives with her is at school or out over the weekend.

Mrs. Ngaire Pratt


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Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the Get Well card and your concern for my health.  

I am keeping in reasonable health, but unable to walk more than a few metres at a time.  I appreciate having the alarm very much.
Thank you for your good wishes.

Yours faithfully,
A J Morris

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Thank you so much for my medical alarm.The medical alarm saved my life recently and I wouldn't be without it.

Mrs  Gibson


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Thank you so much for my medical alarm. I really enjoy the fact that you respond immediately when I need you. The design of the alarm and your pleasant monthly phone calls are two extra benefits that I enjoy.

Mr  Cann


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"Thank you for the lovely flowers you sent on the death of my husband. I can see now that many more people should have an alarm and it was certainly a God send in a time of need."

Mrs Moore


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I am very impressed by your promptness, the feeling of security, and the politeness by your operators. Thank you so much.

Mr  George

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I really appreciate your good old fashioned excellent service and the help I get at the push of a button. Thank you everyone.

Ms  Green


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Since the medical alarm has been installed, I don"t have to worry about making phone calls for help, it's all at the press of the button. Thank you Kiwi Concern

Mr Crawford


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Hi Kiwi Concern

Just a note to say thank you so much for your kindness. I really appreciate your compassion, you are very aptly named " Kiwi Concern".

Mrs Green


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The feeling of confidence my medical alarm gives me,  helps me to go about my daily work knowing that I am not alone any more. It has been a great help during my poor health and I rely on it from day to day.

Mrs Alisi

North shore

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Thank you for my birthday card. It was a lovely surprise and made my day. I really depend on the medical alarm and it has been a great help for me.

Mrs. Short


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To all at Kiwi Concern. Thank you for looking after me and sending such a nice birthday card. I don"t have to worry much and walk about freely as I know help is around at the press of the button.

Mrs Hewlett


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Thank you for making it so easy and enjoyable to get my medical alarm. Your friendly staff and amazing service has exceeded all my expectations, and your service after my alarm was installed is excellent. To know that I can ring you at any time and speak to a pleasant happy person is so comforting.

Audrey McLean


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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your get well wishes to my husband Robert, it was much appreciated. The alarm adds to our peace of mind, so thank you for your service, it makes a difference to us.

Yours faithfully

H Dickie